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Semi-friable aluminium oxide, flexible cotton fabric, synthetic resin bonding, for general manual grinding. For high/low carbon steel, stainless steel (INOX), titanium, non-ferrous metals, aluminium, cast iron. Adapts very well to curves and contours, excellent workpiece surface quality, outstanding grit adhesion thanks to resin-over-resin bonding, backing has optimal tearing behaviour, red-brown colour.
Sheet size 230 x 280 mm

482300.0100...482300.1200: 2915 siarol, semi-friable aluminium oxide, synthetic resin bonding
482300.1300: 2601 sianor j, emery: soft grit P410, hide glue bonding, for polishing all metal materials, for perfect, scratch-free surfaces

Stock package 25 pcs
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